Glory and Honor Go to God

  1. God saved Hezekiah and Judah from the hand of the Assyrians. God fought the battle and Hezekiah reaps the reward.
  2. The Assyrians leave and their king is killed. God rules with justice.
  3. God saves them from their enemies, but He doesn’t leave them at this point. He is their God. He provides for them on every side.
  4. Hezekiah and Judah are exalted among the nations. That means that the other kings are looking on him with fear and won’t attack.
  5. God used the trouble to turn Hezekiah’s heart towards Him and to bless him with continued rest on all sides. Why is that necessary for God to do from time to time? We’ll see in just a moment.
  6. The other nations show him honor.
  7. Of course, they should be showing God the honor. For all their talk about their gods saving them, the kings took the glory for the victories.
  8. There’s a verse that says Hezekiah didn’t make a return for the benefit God had done for him.
  9. Hezekiah seems to let the glory and honor stick on him instead of passing it off to the Lord Most High.
  10. He becomes proud. He doesn’t continue to acknowledge the Lord in everything and see everything as a gift from God alone.
  11. God comes in His mercy again and allows sickness to get through to Hezekiah.
  12. Hezekiah humbles himself and is saved, again, though seems to still struggle with pride when God looks into Hezekiah’s heart.
  13. Know what is in your heart. There is no good thing in us! We will always be that person of no good thing!
  14. But God is good. All the good, the strength, the wisdom, the righteousness, all of it, any of it, it’s all from the God of all goodness and love living in and through us.
  15. Acknowledge Him in humility in everything.