1. Job is in a mood. He is accusing God of not pardoning sin and hunting him down and working against him. He accuses God of seeking out his sin even though he is not guilty.
  2. He acknowledges God created him, but says God now destroys him.
  3. He asks God to not condemn him.
  4. He questions why God is fighting against him.
  5. Israel’s name means God contends. Some say it means God fights for Israel. Some say it means God fights against Israel, that they fight each other. They can both be true. Sometimes God fights their battles. Sometimes they find themselves fighting God because they chose to reject Him.
  6. We can know the answer to why. We can know the answer to why we are suffering, to why this trouble has come upon us. We can know why God does what He does.
  7. It’s because He loves us and His is good.
  8. God will always be good and always love His children. He can’t do otherwise. He would cease being God. God is good. God is love.
  9. A loving parent doesn’t give a child all they want all the time. A loving parent doesn’t keep a child from all discomfort. A loving parent lets a child walk through hard things. A loving parent disciplines.
  10. A loving parent does all those things because they care about the child and want what’s best for them. They are after the child’s good.
  11. We can know God’s goodness and love is behind whatever we’re going through.
  12. If you don’t see the goodness and mercy in the situation yet, give it time and ask for God’s help to see it.
  13. Knowing God’s love and goodness in the midst of the trial doesn’t take away the trouble or pain. It does take away the struggle. We submit ourselves into His good and loving hands. We let His strong arms wrap around us. We even smile and give thanks.
  14. It makes a world of difference when we trust He is good and doing good right now.