Getting What We Deserve


David lies, steals, kills, and destroys for over a year and is going to be rewarded with the kingdom. Though, later in life after another sin, the entire rest of his life is troubled and he loses sons in the process, including his firstborn son, who was a pride and joy to him.

In 1 Samuel 29, David’s almost caught in his lie. I don’t know what was going through his mind as he tried to keep up the front of faithful Philistine as the king wants David to be his body guard for life and go with him to battle. How would that work when he’s king of Israel?

God delivers him from his lie, while David maintains his integrity, to a degree, as his host seems him as blameless.

David writes Psalms about God plucking him out of the net. Did you ever think they might have been of his own making?

Did Saul get what he deserved? Did David get what he deserved? I don’t think we should ever look at someone’s life and think they are getting what they deserve whether good or bad.

We aren’t getting what we deserve. The wages of sin is death. We all deserve to be killed. We all deserve to have a disaster swallow us whole and take us from earth. The true believer never gets what they deserve. They deserve hell. We all deserve hell. We don’t get what we deserve, and the good in our lives is all a gift from our gracious, good God.

When troubles come as a result of sin, they are still a gift from God. Everything is God’s grace. Everything is God’s love. God’s never going to be anything other than gracious and loving.

Those tribulations are gifts. They are what we need. We need to be united with God. We need Him to be our savior. We need to be humble. We need to be relying on Him. He will give us what we need in order to be saved. He wants us to choose Him. He wants to be with us.

Don’t run from trouble. Flee from sin. Jesus is the way of escape. Run to Him day and night, no matter what it is. He’s what you need.

Worship and bow down. Humble yourself before you God. Thank Him always for all things. That’s a Bible command. Thank Him. Thank Him. Thank Him. Thanksgiving, heartfelt thanksgiving, is the antidote to maybe everything. Acknowledge the good God, who made you. Acknowledge that you are just a sheep in His pasture, totally reliant on Him.