Frog Anatomy

Frog Feet

Frog feet are used in different ways depending on the frog. Some frogs (such as aquatic frogs) have webbed feet that are perfect for swimming. Other frogs (such as tree frogs) have sticky pads on their feet for climbing. Still other frogs (burrowing frogs) use their feet for digging so they can protect themselves from heat.

Frog Teeth

Frog teeth are mostly used to hold their prey to get it into a swallowing position. There are no teeth on a frog’s lower jaw, so they generally don’t chew their food. Frogs have very small teeth around the upper edge of their jaw. Some frogs have teeth on the roof of their mouth.

Frog Skin

A frog’s skin is very important. It is through their skin that they breathe, as well as drink. It is very important for a frog to keep their skin moist, which is why frogs are found near or in water. The skin secretes mucus to help keep it from drying out. Frogs shed their skin regularly.

Frog Ears

Frogs have large, round ears on the sides of their heads which are called tympanum (meaning drum). On some frogs it is difficult to see the ear.