For the Sake of His People


David knew that it was the Lord who had established him as king and had made great the kingdom of Israel for the sake of the people of Israel.

God works on our behalf. God is for His people.

He’s not selfish. He is love.

Love is other focused. He’s not thinking of Himself. He’s thinking of you when He acts, whether it’s offering His hand or withdrawing it. It’s all for your benefit because He loves you.

God is faithful and God is love.

He is unchanging. His love for you is never going to change. Jesus died for you when you were His enemy. He’s not going to love you less as His friend, as His disciple, as His brother or sister.

For God so loved you that He gave His Son so that you might be saved. He did it when you were a child of wrath, a son of disobedience. He’s not going to love you less when you are His child. He’s a good father! He acts on behalf of His children. He acts for their sake.

God was never against Israel. Think about that. Think about all the stories you know of Israel losing in battle, losing the ark, being deported from the land, and so on.

God was always for them. God was never against them. God only loved them. He only acted in love and faithfulness.

How can that be?

Would a loving parent just sit by and let a child harm themselves? Would you let your young, immature child play with a loaded gun? Would you let that child play with a loaded gun with their baby brother?

Sin is life and death.

Sin is a disease. It needs to be irradicated for the sake of the body. In order to preserve a remnant alive, sin had to be dealt with.

God had to keep them safe by repeatedly working to help them turn back to Him and choose Him and His ways, not out of selfishness, but out of selfless, unchanging, eternal, steadfast love for them and for us.