Five Paragraph Essay Example

(introduction) Have you ever wondered what it would be like to float around in space? It’s fun to watch videos of astronauts in the space shuttle with their hair sticking up and all their things floating around. What would happen if that was what earth was like? (thesis statement) I think earth without gravity would be an impossible place to live.

(body: main idea 1) Gravity gives us the ability to get around. (details) While we could get around with jet packs, which might be fun for a while, that’s only a very limited solution for getting around. We’d have to refuel all the time. If we ran out, we could float away, never to be heard from again. (conclusion) Gravity is what keeps us on earth and lets us do the simplest things like walk from here to there.

(transition) Besides getting around, (main idea 2) gravity lets us play our favorite games. (details) Kicking a soccer ball in no gravity would only result in a lost ball. No one could pitch a baseball in zero gravity; the ball would never reach home plate. A game of chess or checkers could work with Velcro pieces and board I guess, but you’d have to sit strapped in to play! (conclusion) The games that we know just can’t be played the same way without gravity.

(transition) Maybe even harder (main idea 3) would be trying to eat without gravity. (details) How could you cut up food? You couldn’t. French fries? No way! They would have to make dispensers that only let out one at a time. Of course, the ketchup would float right off and up, up and away. Soup would be a wet mess on the ceiling. We’d have to have lids with fat straws on our bowls and then try to keep the soup from floating out through the straw opening! (conclusion) Eating a meal without gravity would not be a relaxed and pleasurable affair.

(conclusion: restate the thesis) A normal life without gravity is impossible. (sum up and let us know why to care) We rely on gravity for everything, even if we don’t realize it. It’s enough to keep us from floating away, but not so much that we can’t jump, throw a ball, or lift food to our mouths. Earth’s gravity is a perfect match for our lives.