February 7

So I was afraid, and I went and hid your talent in the ground…

Matthew 25:25 ESV

It struck me that he had done nothing with what his Master had given him because of fear of his Master’s demands.

Everything will be “harvested” and tested and will burn or remain. He wasn’t wrong. But there is a right and wrong kind of the fear of God. The wrong kind keeps us from serving Him! We think that God could demand my life, imprison me, ask me to give up my home,…and we shrink away from using all He’s given us for His glory.

The right kind of fear knows His power and sovereignty but knows God is for us because the awesome God is loving and good towards His own. The right fear of the Lord knows there is no demand that isn’t met with a provision. There is no demand that doesn’t have His goodness and mercy sent along with us. There is no thought of retribution towards us, only prospering us in Spirit and in Truth, making us like Jesus to bring us to our eternal home and bringing others along with us.