February 27

…for I am the Lord who sanctifies them.”

Leviticus 22:16 ESV

As God’s people we are commanded, ‘You shall be holy.’ But like with everything else, it is the Lord’s work. He sanctifies us. That means He is making us holy, separating us out for Himself, consecrating us for His purposes.

We see this in the New Testament, this completed work of holiness accompanied by God working to bring it about.

1 John 1:7, a favorite of mine says, as we walk in the light He cleanses us. We are already in the Light, walking in fellowship, but are being cleansed, sanctified.

Hebrews 10:14 says God has perfected those being sanctified. We are perfect but are being made perfect, holy, set apart to Him.

The sanctification process is separating us from the world. He’ll work on our thoughts, our hearts, our speech, our actions. It can be a bumpy road, especially where we’re hesitant to loosen our grip on the things of this world, but He will complete His good work in us of putting His Goodness in us.