February 21

…Come and lay your hands on her, so that she may…live.

Mark 5:23 ESV

Jesus meets him according to his faith. Jesus could just say the word and not be bothered to walk to the man’s house through the pressing crowds and get laughed at.

The woman’s faith was to just touch Jesus. She didn’t want to ask Him over. She and everything she touched was unclean.

We read in the OT reading about the need for two offerings to be cleansed after the bleeding of just childbirth.

Her story is proof sinners can come to Christ to be saved. If you can act in fear, then you can be saved. Good news for everyone! She was afraid because she thought she could make Jesus unclean by touching Him. She did it anyway because she wanted to be well and feared more missing the chance for salvation. She feared asking and being rejected.

Jesus doesn’t knock her for it. We read in the psalm today about David’s anxiety from his sin. That’s not what she gets. She gets freedom for coming to Christ.