February 20

And Aaron held his peace.

Leviticus 10:3b ESV

Aaron’s sons were just killed. There was a reason for peace to be disrupted. Aaron holds his peace.

He does that two ways. He keeps his mouth shut. He doesn’t blame or question. He keeps silent, honoring the Lord’s decision as just.

And in doing so, he keeps his peace. He doesn’t lose it and walk away from Moses or God. He keeps peace.

Can you hold your peace when trials come? It’s not an easy thing to do. The disciples accused Love of not caring when Jesus knew there was never any actual threat of death. Jesus didn’t lose any sleep over the storm, but He did because of the disciples’ lack of faith.

The trials and troubles aren’t what are causing us to lose our peace. It’s the lack of faith.

Our salvation is in knowing Him. Like Jesus questioned the disciples, why would we fear if we really knew Him and His love for us?

We’d hold our peace and simply pray: “Yes, Lord. You know, Lord. Thank you, Lord. I praise you, Lord.”