February 18

Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him.

Psalm 37:7a ESV

I struggle with still, especially being still and quiet before Him in prayer. I knew from Exodus 14:14 that it could probably be translated as silent. I looked up that still word in the Hebrew since I know this is something I need. The definition made me laugh. “To be or grow dumb. To be still or silent.”

“Dumb” just means unable to speak, but it reminded me of the time I prayed to be a sheep because of John 10 and how His sheep knew His voice, and the Lord had a good chuckle at me thinking I was something other than a dumb sheep.

Another word that would fit for still here is being stupefied before the Lord. Turning from our worrisome and fretful situation and taking one look at God and who He is next to us and what’s going on should shut us up and settle the matter in our hearts.