February 13

“…make it as secure as you can.”

Matt. 27:65

I know for me it’s certainly parenting that has caused the biggest fear/faith struggle. Parents need to know we aren’t God in our kid’s lives, that it is, has, and always will be our Father in heaven who is their provider and protector and we should act like we believe that.

That phrase, make it as secure as you can…that’s a flesh response. Those weren’t Christ’s disciples saying that. They tried to provide security, the best they had, and it was for naught. God’s purposes, His good and perfect purposes, will rule the day. And we want them to! At least when we’re looking to Him instead of listening to fear.

Actually, a verse in Psalm 34 also fit. It says God-seekers lack nothing. The Israelites lacked nothing even as they were wandering in the wilderness because of their sin. God is the best father! We should let Him parent our kids!