Fear the Lord

  1. Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom, and to turn away from evil is understanding (Job 28:28).
  2. Here’s a most basic piece of Bible truth.
  3. Fear the Lord. Turn from evil.
  4. The first leads to the second. Fear the Lord.
  5. The fear of the Lord is what enabled Abraham to leave home without knowing where he was going.
  6. The fear of the Lord is what enabled Moses to stand up to Pharaoh.
  7. The fear of the Lord is what enabled Joshua to march instead of fight.
  8. The fear of the Lord is what enabled David to face so many foes with confidence.
  9. The fear of the Lord is what enabled Paul to face being stoned to death and then continue on his missionary journey the next day.
  10. We need to realize that the only thing to fear is God.
  11. We need to realize that the only danger out there in the world is in believing we need to fear something other than God.
  12. While the Lord has helped me conquer this lesson in several areas, and I can face things without fear, in peace, it feels like there is one final area that needs conquering (though, who knows, He may show me something later I can’t see right now).
  13. That would be insecurities. Those are fears. My introvert self doesn’t know what to say to people. My introvert self hates praying out loud, as an example. I can struggle much more after having to speak, replaying it and correcting what I should have said, than thinking about what to say in the first place.
  14. These are wrong thinks I think. God is able and in control and loving and will not abandon me. He can help me through any scenario, whether called upon to pray or to get up and speak or just running into someone and having an impactful conversation with them.
  15. Acting like I could mess it up, is exalting myself over God. If I surrender myself into His hands, into His care, I can trust He’ll care for me! There will be no abandonment. He will not let me be ashamed. He will confirm me.
  16. I’m renewing my mind and know the Lord will complete this great work He’s begun in me, to get me to a place of shalom, where there is no fear but for God alone.