Extol the Exalted One

  1. “I will get my knowledge from afar and ascribe righteousness to my Maker.” Our righteousness comes from God. We have no righteousness of our own.
  2. “He does not withdraw his eyes from the righteous, but with kings on the throne he sets them forever, and they are exalted. And if they are bound in chains and caught in the cords of affliction, He opens their ears to instruction and commands that they return from iniquity. If they listen and serve him, they complete their days in prosperity, and their years in pleasantness.”
  3. We have a God who sees. He watches over us. He strengthens those whose hearts are turned to Him. He frees us from affliction by setting us free from our sin. He frees us from what binds us by the power of His blood and His Spirit at work in us. He also sets us free by showing us our sin so we can repent. He is gracious and merciful and ready to pardon abundantly and redeem and restore. That’s God’s heart toward us. He is holy and must deal with sin, but He is eager to bring us up out of it and to Himself.
  4. “Behold, God is exalted in his power; who is a teacher like him?”
  5. He is our great teacher. I am continually thanking God for teaching and training me. See Him at work training your thoughts and behaviors. Submit to the corrections and humble yourself under suffering and look to Him. He will teach you and He will raise you up. None of it is meant to tear you down but to build you up.
  6. “Remember to extol his work, of which men have sung.”
  7. And we’re back to praising and thanking God. This might be the single most important thing in our lives and I don’t do nearly a good enough job of it. We’re to rejoice always. Give thanks always. Pray without ceasing. We’re to always be remembering to extol the good works of God. You are one of His good works! Thank Him for everything He has done and is doing for you!
  8. Verses: Job 36:3,7-8,10-11,22,24