Essays from Assembly

Keisoo Terada
English 7a-1
December 8, 1941
Our Assembly
Today Mr. Sears talked to us about tolerance.  As we know tolerance means to be friendly to other in any way.
When war broke out in the Far East situation yesterday some citizen of this country were intolerance.  The people who are intolerant do not think before they speak.
Every person should be tolerant to different nationality if they have enemies.

Fumiko Inashima
English 7a1
December 8, 1941
Morning Assembly
The morning assembly was good for it tells us to be good friends or neighbors wither our skin are different.  That skin does not count by shelf but our spirit for helping people and cleaned heart count more for America and honesty too counts more for defending and best of all is love one another. We are all brothers and sisters even our parents and teachers but they are sent to take care of us and to give us more education and to become a better boy and girl.
The poem was good also and that all make to become American.
I wish sometimes if there were no war or evil thing, that do now happen were stop we should be friendly with country more and more until the end of the world than people would be like neighbor, no war, no unclean heart, but all clean and joyful voice in this world.



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