EP History Alive 2021 Winners

Thanks for all your hard work!

Senior Division  Ages 13-17

1st Place

Emily Bollenbacher  —  The Story of Exercise Tiger

2nd Place

Ariela Eiklor —  Molasses Flood 1919

Glorianna, Elizabeth, Annalisa, Levi, and Lucilla Shrout —   The Rise and Fall of Ancient Greece

3rd Place

Selah Freerksen — A Story of Hope: Helen Keller

Honorable Mention

Matthew Goff —  The Commercialisation of Space Flight

Zion Gelman  —   System I Leg (The Lego History)

Junior Division  Ages 8-12

1st Place

Sofia Kral —  Amelia Earhart: The Life of a Legendary Aviator

2nd Place

Ryan, Jacob and Everett Sullivan —  Explorers!

Amanda Heubner — World War II Hero Nancy Wake

3rd Place

Andrew Bauer —  The Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919

Brody Bixler — 8 Minutes: Mystery of the Lost Colony of Roanoke

Honorable Mention

Alexxa Abreu —  A Day That Changed Everything: Pearl Harbor

Tessa Turner —  Together but Apart

Erich, Serena Yoder, JoAnna, Jonathan Ford —  California Gold Rush

Emily Ramsey — Susan B. Anthony

Congrats to everyone! Let me know if I got any names or links wrong. It wouldn’t have anything to do with the judging or placement, just me juggling the copy and paste. If you do not receive an award letter, please let me know. They were mailed out on March 8th.