EP Assignments


When in doubt, mark the day complete. You can do that any time on the Parents/Settings page. That just resets a lot of things.

Just like the regular site, I feel like it makes a lot more sense if you actually use it, as opposed to just looking around and clicking on things randomly to test it out.

If you do play around, there’s a secret little reset button at the bottom of the Parents/Setting page. It sets everything to 1.

How to Use

Students are to click on their lesson and then on Needs Work when they are ready for you to check. You click on the X or the check whether or not you approve it as complete. They get 100 points when you mark it complete. When everything is marked complete, a check mark appears by the day number. Click on that to move to the next day number and reset the page for a new day.

On the Parents/Settings page, choose the courses. Then, if you are starting in the middle somewhere, enter what you want the first day number to be. They are labeled Lesson Number. When you are ready, click on Save and Return and those day numbers will be set. You can click on the course name to get to the course page and have a look at any notes, course description, materials, etc.

The default is to hide the next-day lessons. If you want your child to be able to do more than one day, just click on the Hide/Show next lessons line on the Settings page. They can’t click on the next lesson until they’ve clicked on the current lesson.

Marking the day complete only changes the day number and the color settings on the student page to reset things to start a new day. If you want to mark the day complete even though they haven’t completed all the assignments, go to the Settings page by clicking on Parents and click on the check  mark by the day number.

Next lesson

Each time they click on the next lesson link it will go to the next day number. This is so that something is keeping track of how many day’s they are doing besides them trying to remember. Click on the little X if they didn’t complete that day number. Click on the check if they did. That assumes they did all the lessons up to that point. It is made so they must go in order. It’s not intended that they skip lessons. If you want to allow the skipping of lessons, that’s something you need to track. I didn’t want to build anything that seemed like it was okay for the kids to pick and choose their lessons. They are ordered lessons. You certainly can mark a day complete that they didn’t really complete if you just want to move them forward. If you care about them not getting points for that, you’ll have to subtract off the points.


They get 100 points every time you mark a day complete. You can add and subtract points by typing in the number and clicking plus or minus. You could let your child spend their points however you choose. So far I haven’t wanted to add a feature like that because I know on sites like that my kids spend all their time spending points. It’s a huge distraction.

Keeping your spot

It is made to remember everything on your browser. You can close and open the page at any point and it should be just as you left it. You can tell your browser to allow it to save so that it doesn’t go away when you clear your cache. This is what I did on Chrome. (It’s on the Updates page on the site.)

I went into Chrome settings with the three dots.
Then settings, advanced settings, content settings, cookies…
Then clicked “Add” by the last one on the list, which is called “Allow”.
I entered https://hebrews110.github.io/EPassignments/.
I cleared my cache and my numbers were still there.

Multiple students

I have been trying to work on a version where it can save multiple students on one browser. I’m stuck at the moment and don’t have a lot of time to work on it. It will happen eventually. Right now, you’ll need to use multiple browsers/computers. Some browsers, Chrome and Firefox for example, have users. Just change users and your browser will remember each student separately on the browser!