Does He Fear God for Nothing?

  1. Satan asks, “Does Job fear God for nothing?”
  2. He’s suggesting that Job only honors God because God has honored him with blessing and protection.
  3. We learn from this many wonderful things.
  4. Satan has no right to us. This was long before the cross of Christ and Satan can do nothing without God’s say-so.
  5. God puts a hedge of protection around us. The walls of the city are around us. We live protected. Our defense is our righteousness, and our righteousness is the perfect righteousness of Christ.
  6. God blesses those whose hearts are His. He loves to bless His children. He also knows the dangers of blessing us without measure.
  7. Satan was blessed. He was a perfect creation of God. Instead of honoring his Creator for his perfection, he honors himself.
  8. Solomon was blessed more than any other person on earth while he was alive. He turned to other gods and found life meaningless, though finally acknowledges that the only thing that matters is keeping God’s commandments.
  9. We don’t handle blessing that well. Remember that giving Job over to Satan was for Job’s good, out of God’s heart of love for Him. Also remember what God does for those who are blameless. He strengthens their heart. All this and more is going on in God’s good heart as He has the conversation with Satan.
  10. And in all this, even in giving Job over to Satan, there are still limits. Satan is only allowed what God allows. Satan’s allowed to touch his possessions and family, but he must not touch Job himself.
  11. Satan leaves God’s presence with his orders.