Dictionary – Disciples of Christ

Atonement – a payment made to cover a wrong done

Consecrate – to make holy, to set apart for the Lord’s use

Epistle – letter, the books of the Bible that were originally letters to churches

Fellowship – the experience of sharing together in friendship

Gospel – good news, a book of the Bible giving the history of Jesus’ life on earth

Grace – offering to someone what they doesn’t deserve (This includes every good gift from God!)

Holy – set apart; we are set apart from the world and to God

Intercession (intercede) – praying on behalf of someone else

Justified – declared righteous

Mercy – offering forgiveness when punishment was deserved

Persecution – being wrongly treated because of your beliefs

Propitiation – an offering needed to appease the wrath of God

Reconciled – brought back into fellowship with God

Redemption – bought with a price

Repentance – turning around, to turn from our sin, to reject it and choose God instead

Righteous – right before God

Righteousness – knowing and choosing the right thing to do

Sanctification – the process of becoming holy