1 Chronicles 11 is a chapter about people devoted to David. It says that all Israel gathered to David. They recognized his kinship, how God had used him to lead them already, and God’s calling on his life.

Then it chronicles the exploits of David’s mighty men. Joab earns his position as commander-in-chief. Then there are the three. These three are called mighty men and had a leader and were considered a rank above the others. We’re told how they fought off enemies single-handedly. We’re also told how they risked their lives to serve David, to get him a drink of water he was longing for.

I always felt bad that David doesn’t drink the water after they risked their lives for it, but I do suppose David did the right thing. He feels bad they risked their lives for it, and so pours it out before the Lord. Drinking it I guess would encourage them to do another such risky thing when it wasn’t needful.

Why would they risk their lives for David? It’s one thing to defend your homeland from an invading enemy, it’s another to risk your life because you want to please your boss. Why were they so devoted to David?

I would like to think that they saw Christ in him and were devoted to God. They saw God’s anointing on him, God’s hand blessing him and wanted to be part of it.

Serving David was like serving God and returned a blessing because David was blessed in all he did.

May we be such leaders to stir up such devotion. Maybe you only lead in your own home, but that’s something. Let your light so shine before men that they see your good works and praise God and desire to walk in the light with you. May they see God’s blessing and want to be part of what God’s doing through you.

After the three are the thirty, who are also called mighty men. They attained to a rank for their service and bravery. Their names are listed in the Bible, remembered for it. One of them is Uriah the Hittite. He served David, devoted to him, to Israel, to God.

While David showed love to the three in pouring out the water they brought, David shows no loyalty back to Uriah.

If you are the one showing devotion, make sure your devotion is to Christ alone. You don’t want to follow anyone, only Christ in them. He’s the one who will never leave nor forsake you. And if you are the one being shown devotion, you don’t want people following you, but Christ in you.