Despised and Scorned the Lord


The Lord sends Nathan the prophet to get David to realize the depth of his sin. David confesses that he had sinned against God.

Do you acknowledge that when you sin, you are sinning against God?

God’s message through the prophet was that David had despised and scorned God. David’s having Uriah killed in battle was David despising God.

David responds correctly. He doesn’t start trying to justify himself or defend himself saying that he didn’t despise God. David simply says, “I have sinned against the Lord.”

Are you despising the Lord by your choice to sin?

Sin is a choice. Sin is a choice to hate God and love yourself.

The Christian life is supposed to be an exchanged life, a giving up of your life and the taking on of Christ’s life. Jesus only did what the Father wanted. He and the Father were one and lived and worked in perfect unison. Because of the blood of Christ, we can be cleansed from all unrighteousness and be one with Jesus and live and work with Him in perfect unity.

The blood of Jesus doesn’t just cleanse us from past sin. It cleanses us continually as God shows us any fault in us and as we confess our sins and turn from them.

We are clothed with Christ’s righteousness and become slaves of righteousness.

We are given the Holy Spirit, the power to overcome death, which of course, means the power to overcome sin.

There is no temptation that we don’t have a way out of because we have Jesus and Jesus IS the way.

We only need Jesus to have life because He IS the life.

We are given His life by the Holy Spirit and His righteousness and the power to overcome and the teaching of God’s word by the Spirit and the reminding of all Christ taught. We are given everything we need to live righteous before God.

You hate the sin or you hate God. What are you choosing?