Deliver Me, Deliverer!

  1. Psalms 52 through 55 are all similar themes of death to enemies and salvation to God’s own.
  2. There is asking for deliverance and there is laughing over deliverance. David speaks of laughing at the defeated end of one who trusted in money instead of God and who trusted in his own strength.
  3. David both asks for salvation and praises the God who has delivered him out of all his troubles in the same psalm. We ask for help, but we never forget our God who is our ever-present help and all He has done for us.
  4. We can always give thanks and praise. He’s always the same God who delivered us before. He can do it again.
  5. Psalm 54 also mentions those who help David. He acknowledges that God is his helper, but then he mentions how the Lord is with those who uphold David’s life. He’s acknowledging God using those around him as a way God is helping David, it would seem.
  6. In Psalm 55, David is ready to run away. Ever feel like that? It doesn’t leave all your problems behind like you’d hope. David is especially distraught because a friend has turned on him. He’s used to dealing with enemies. They are hard enough, but when a close friend turns enemy, it’s hard to swallow.
  7. We hear about the morning and evening sacrifice. Those were times of praise as well. David, in this Psalm, lamenting this sour turn of events, he talks of praying morning, evening, and noon. Then David talks about God bringing peace to his soul.
  8. If you only turn to the Lord in the morning, are you able to keep your peace all day? We can need the refresher in the middle of the day, and we can need the turning the thoughts back to Him at the end of the day, to give it all over to Him, so we aren’t carrying any load as we try to rest.
  9. The Lord will deliver us. We need to turn to Him and ask for help and praise Him for the deliverer that He is!