Dedicated Gifts


1 Chronicles 26 lists the names of the gatekeepers and how they were assigned by lot to their positions.

However, in the last year of David’s reign, it mentions how he searched out men of great ability. He found a family clan that met the criteria. These men of great ability are put over the tribes on the other side of the Jordan. David is about to die and pass on the kingdom to Solomon.

I don’t know why he had the sudden feeling of needing to oversee those on the far side. Maybe he had concerns of the kingdom dividing. We aren’t told. We just have these facts.

Other men in this chapter are also called men of great ability, able men. It also mentions that one of the family heads was blessed, noting the number of his sons and their great ability.

Our abilities come from God. They aren’t things to pride ourselves in. They are things to give God glory for. They come from Him and they are for Him.

Are you using your great abilities for God? If not, how could you be?

On a similar note, there is a section in this chapter about things dedicated to God. When they collected spoils from battles, they would take things like gold and silver and bronze from the defeated enemy and dedicate it to God. It would get placed in the treasury of the house of God to pay for its care.

What in your life is dedicated to God?

Have you dedicated everything in your life to God?

Can He use everything for Himself?

Does He have your time, energy, thoughts, plans, speech, relationships, work, money, property, effort, body, talents, hobbies?

Do you reserve anything for yourself?

Surrender every inch and moment of your life to God. And let everything you do and can accomplish praise Him.