Death in the House of the Lord


Saul has now killed man, woman, and child because he is mad. He has all the priests killed and all their families killed because he’s angry. He’s angry that he’s not getting his way. He’s paranoid thinking everyone is against him.

David has a prophet telling him where to go. On the inside, David is by far the winner in the current situation, but on the outside, Saul still has the kingdom and the troops. David’s army consists of several hundred disgruntled and indebted men.

David does have one other thing that Saul does not, the total loyalty of his family. David’s family got to see how David was quickly given fame and success in the kingdom. They must have been proud to be his brother. They join David’s ragged team. David makes sure his parents are safe and comfortable somewhere. All of their lives have been upended, but they seem to have accepted it. Having seen David anointed by Samuel was a gift to the family. It may have been a struggle for the family at first, but now it was a confirmation that this turmoil was worth it because they would become part of the king’s family.

His family is kept safe, but what about the priests and their families? Did they die for their sin? It was wrong for David to take that bread. Was it a deadly sin to remove the Bread of Presence? Did they die as martyrs? Did they die because a priest served his future king and God’s chosen child?

We aren’t God. We don’t always know what’s going on. We can see this, though. God used this time to fulfill the word to Eli that his house would be removed. One priest escapes; he will be cut off in Solomon’s time completing the task. God can use evil to fulfill His purposes.

Fear the Lord, shun evil. Cling to Jesus. Love the Lord Your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.