Site Maintenance

From about 8PM to 9PM EST, the site will not allow you to log in. If you have it open, no changes will be saved during this time. PLEASE just wait and allow us to finish our move and our testing and stay off the site.

We will stop the database from receiving new information, changes in courses, day numbers, and accounts. It will all be saved and backed up. Then it will be connected to a new server, the one we moved the site to the other week. It may only take fifteen minutes, but we’d like to be able to test things and even switch back if needed.

I will switch out the notice about site maintenance once it is complete and we know it’s working properly. I’ve posted 8 – 10 PM EST as the time we’ll be working on it.

Please close your browser page before the update if possible to hopefully get a fresh page and not a cached page. You’ll need your page to connect to the new database. If it’s not finding your login information, then you aren’t connecting to our new server. Please reload your page, even several times, and try and get it to wake up to the new connection.

What is a server?