1. Psalm 104 describes creation. It talks about God covering Himself with light, laying the beams of His house in the heavens, laying the foundations of the earth, covering the deep and setting a boundary to the waters.
  2. It talks about the animals and how creation provides for them and they are satisfied.
  3. Even for man, the Lord provides so that we can bring food from the earth. It may seem like we’re doing the work of toiling away, but we bear no fruit without the Lord. He provides so that we can bring food from the ground (or fruit from our spiritual work). And He provides so that we can grow what we need to make bread to give us strength, which means our strength, even our natural physical strength, is from the Lord.
  4. He made the moon for seasons. That word seasons I’ve mentioned before. It’s mo’ed. It’s an appointed time. The moon shows us God’s calendar. The trumpet will blast on the Feast of the Trumpets which will occur when the new moon is spotted, no one knows when. You have to stay awake and keep watch!
  5. The psalm describes all creation looking to God for its food, for even its breath. When He takes away their breath, they die. When He sends His Spirit, they are created.
  6. We need His Spirit to become a new creation.
  7. There is a prayer, “May the Lord rejoice in His works.” You are His work. May you cause the Lord to rejoice!
  8. Here’s another prayer from the psalm, “May my meditation be sweet to Him.”
  9. One way to make the Lord rejoice is that your meditation, your thoughts, your words, what’s on your mind and lips, would be sweet to Him. What would be sweet to Him?
  10. The next line is, “I will be glad in the Lord.”
  11. The more we are glad in the Lord, the more our thoughts and words are sweet to Him, the more He will rejoice over you.