Cast Them Out

  1. We had a lesson before on Israel being rejected. They become the lost tribes. They get swallowed up into other peoples and cultures.
  2. Judah’s story will be a little different. Those deported will prosper and after the time of seventy years set by the Lord, they will return to Jerusalem and rebuild it. They are the remnant.
  3. But, for now, they are getting cast out. The Lord is removing His people from the Promised Land.
  4. We are told they are being cast out because of the Lord’s anger over their sin. We’re told He will not pardon their sin, in particular pointing out the shedding of innocent blood.
  5. I believe that refers to sacrificing babies. We do that today through abortion.
  6. Because of their sin, they are being cast from God’s presence. He would not pardon them further.
  7. We get forgiveness. God’s mercy is enduring. Jesus is our advocate, asking the Father for mercy on our behalf, pleading His own blood over us to obtain mercy for us when we sin.
  8. But when we willfully continue in sin for years and years and years and ignore God’s continued warnings and pleadings with us to stop, while accepting His mercy and grace and forgiveness, there comes a time when we can be given over to our sin. He will give you over to your desire. That’s a scary thing.
  9. We don’t want to be given to our sin. That’s death. We don’t want to be given over to other gods. They can’t save. That’s death.
  10. We need to turn to God for our salvation, and we need to accept our salvation, not just a future forgiving of our sins so we can go to heaven, but a current salvation from sin, a life that overcomes by the blood of the Lamb and the power of His testimony.