1. A breach is an opening, a tear, a rupture, an infraction, a violation.
  2. The king and his mighty men tried to escape through a breach in the wall.
  3. We’ll read later in Jeremiah how Jeremiah warned that you had to give yourself up to the Chaldeans if you wanted your life spared.
  4. The one king does that and ends up dining with the king of Babylon. This final king tries to escape and does not meet with such an end.
  5. We can’t escape through the breach. We can’t be saved by a violation, by sin, by some loophole we think we’ve found.
  6. It reminds me of Jesus saying that anyone in the sheep pen that didn’t come through the gate is a thief and a robber.
  7. There is one way of escape, one way in, one way out.
  8. We come into God’s family through the cross of Christ. We escape death through the blood of Christ.
  9. Anyone trying to be in God’s family without the cross of Christ is a thief and a robber.
  10. Anyone putting requirements on you for your salvation, other than believe in the Lord Jesus Christ to receive His righteousness, is a thief.
  11. We can have assurance of salvation by choosing to love and fear God, to choose to be His.
  12. He does the work of saving us, but we choose Him.
  13. We don’t turn to the right and to the left to try and obtain our own salvation.
  14. I see this in two ways. One, trying to earn salvation by knowing the right thing, knowing and promoting the true doctrine according to you and your like. Some people cling to their theology and what it tells them is right and good and live according to that instead of clinging to Christ and His truth and letting Him show them the paths of truth and life.
  15. The second, are those desiring to keep their sin. They think they found the breach, the opening, the loophole. They do acts they absolutely know are sinful and then just ask forgiveness. God is patient. But, what if He gets angry and takes your life before you get to say you’re sorry?
  16. The king and his men escape through the breach, but their end was still death and torture.