Board Games

Tips for creating a board game

The theme of the game is review of History topics from Modern History.  

Draw out some ideas for your game board.  Maybe it will look like a timeline to travel through the years.  Or maybe it will look like a map of an area you learned about this year.  Make several sketches and drawings.  When you are happy with the design, you can transfer your design to cardstock or cardboard (or whatever material you decide to use).  You can find some design ideas and templates here:

Sources for free online game board templates

Next, think about how you want the pieces to move throughout the game.  Some games use dice.  Others use spinners.  Some have players draw cards.  Here are some links to help you make dice or spinners.

Dice & Spinners

You can use coins, action figures, or beans for the pieces in the game.  Or maybe you could create your own using clay or cardboard.

Start to write down the rules of the game.  You can get ideas from games you have played.  Play your game a couple times to make sure it works.  Fix things that don’t play correctly.  Add more information to your rules.