Bless the Lord

  1. Psalm 130. Wait. Wait. Just wait. When are we asked to wait on the Lord? All the time. We pray. We wait on an answer. We wait with expectation, hope, patience. We wait without trying to bring about our own solution. We wait on help. We wait on healing. We wait on understanding. We wait for direction. We wait. We wait.
  2. What is paired with waiting? Hope. O Israel, hope in the Lord! Why can we hope in the Lord? With the Lord is steadfast love. With the Lord is an abundance of redemption.
  3. Psalm 131 is a very short psalm. It’s about not worrying about trying to figure out God, just resting in knowing who He is, that He’s trustworthy, like a child can rest trusting in a parent’s arms.
  4. These are more songs of ascent. They are short because they are sort of like choruses. They are sung while a group is walking together. They needed to not be too complicated. Psalm 133 has the famous verse about how good it is for brothers to dwell in unity.
  5. God’s people are supposed to be one people. It’s precious when there are no dividers.
  6. Psalm 134 is just a psalm of praise. Bless the Lord. What does it mean to bless the Lord? We bless the Lord with our praise, but I think we also bless the Lord with our lives, our obedience, our love for others.
  7. I looked up to see what ways the Hebrew word for “bless” was defined. One I saw was an increase in joy and peacefulness. Can we bring an increase of joy and peacefulness to God? I would say yes, for a God who is angry every day (Psalm. 7:11). Our obedience, our love for God and the brethren, blesses His heart, makes Him smile. All the things we talked about in this lesson are things you can do to bless the Lord. We wait on Him with hopeful trusting, we love our brothers and sisters in Christ, and we can praise Him in Spirit and in Truth.
  8. How can you bless the Lord today?