Because He Trusted in God

  1. Psalm 20 and 21 feel like they go together. Psalm 20 is mostly a blessing prayer. May the Lord do these things for you. Psalm 21 is mostly a rejoicing prayer. The Lord has done these things for me!
  2. Psalm 20 has a verse I really like to use, how some trust in horses and chariots, but we will trust in the name of the Lord our God.
  3. Horses and chariots were symbols of strength. Kings had confidence in battle because of the number of their chariots.
  4. We should be able to face whatever enemy, obstacle, trial, or trouble that comes our way not because we have skill, position, talent, or resources, but because we face them in the name of the Lord. We don’t face them alone. We come in Christ.
  5. In Psalm 21 David says that because he trusted in God, God has answered his prayers and done all these things for them.
  6. God loves to uphold a heart that is trusting in Him!
  7. God gives David strength and salvation. God answers David’s prayers and gives him his heart’s desire. He is blessed and has the joy of the Lord.
  8. David has majesty because of the Lord and will not be moved.
  9. God delights in answering His children’s prayers. God delights in helping His children. God delights in bestowing blessings on His children.
  10. Let’s treat God like the good Father He is! Look to Him for His help, not with moping or begging, but with delight in turning to your Father who you know listens, cares, loves, and answers with all His bountiful blessing for our good and for His glory.