Be Blessed

  1. Psalm 119 is the longest psalm and longest chapter in the Bible. We will divide it into 40-verse chunks. This psalm, along with several others, are acrostic poems. They were written in such a way that each section begins with the next letter of the alphabet. Of course, that appears in the Hebrew, not the English. It’s to help people memorize the psalm. It was meant to be learned. For this psalm I went straight through each section pulling out how to be blessed. I labeled each section to show where I got those things.
  2. ALEPH If you want to be blessed, here’s what you do. You be blameless. You walk according to God’s word. You seek God with your whole heart and don’t do any wrong.
  3. BETH You guard your way by keeping to God’s word. You store up God’s word in your heart so that you won’t forget His word so that you won’t sin. You delight in God’s word and fix your eyes on His way.
  4. GIMEL You recognize you are just passing through on this earth and you ask God to show you wonderous things from His word. You long for His word and delight in it.
  5. DALETH You seek life from God’s word. You seek teaching from God. You seek understanding from God. You seek strength from God’s word. You think on the works of God. You choose to walk faithfully. You keep God’s word before your eyes and hold fast to it.
  6. HE You seek the Lord as your teacher. You commit to following God’s word to the very end. You seek understanding from the Lord because you want to keep and follow God’s law. You ask the Lord to lead you in His ways. You ask the Lord’s help to keep your heart turned toward His word and not selfish desires. You turn your eyes away from looking at worthless things and seek life in God’s ways. You seek righteousness because you realize that’s where you find life.