Bathsheba’s Sin


People get mad when I suggest that Bathsheba sinned as well, but she does commit adultery. People say she had to do it. She was forced into it. They say that she could have been killed if she didn’t obey the king. What’s worse sin or death?

Isn’t Jesus worth dying for? How will we refuse “the mark” if we don’t believe it’s better to die than to sin?

We have been so trained in just asking for forgiveness as if sin isn’t such a big deal, that we don’t see sin as bad enough to be willing to die to avoid it.

Sin is death. We have to know that sin is death. Romans 6:23 says that the wages of sin is death. We are paid with death for our sins. Death is what we are owed for our sins.

Jesus died to free us from sin, not only to cover our sins, but to free us from the grip of sin.

People quote that we are not under condemnation if we are in Christ Jesus, but it is those who do not walk according to the flesh that are not under condemnation, if they walk according to the Spirit.

Walking in sin is walking in condemnation. Condemned, as in death sentence, as in hell. We don’t get to walk according to the lusts of the flesh.

Ephesians 5 tells us that people such as fornicators, the unclean, and the covetous have no part in God’s inheritance and instead will receive God’s wrath. That’s death, destruction, hell.

We don’t know Bathsheba’s response.

Nathan the prophet doesn’t confront Bathsheba, only confronts David. David is forgiven, but he and Bathsheba both suffer the loss of that child.

Bathsheba also suffers the loss of her husband. David, however, suffers in some ways for the rest of his life. Bathsheba, on the other hand, has another son who becomes king. God seems to have made a way of redemption.