We have another prophet show up in 1 Kings 16, not one we’re terribly familiar with, but it shows there are people who are following God. He is from Judah. His name is Jehu. He’s speaking against the kings of Israel.

God’s words through His prophet Jehu come to pass.

At the end of the chapter, we see how Joshua’s curse over anyone who rebuilds Jericho comes to pass.

He wasn’t speaking those words technically as a prophet. He just spoke them in the moment, though as one who was being used by the Spirit of God. That reminds me of the story I don’t like of the old prophet who tricks the other prophet to his death (1 Kings 13).

We need to be careful what comes out of our mouths if we are walking in the Spirit, acting in the name of Jesus. As ambassadors for Christ, if you have taken on that role, then you act in Jesus’ name. That means you act in His character, nature, and authority, as His representative.

We need to be careful how we wield that authority.

For instance, I know the Lord hears and answers my prayers, so I want to be careful what I pray!

In the rest of the chapter, we read about a string of kings in Israel who all walked in idolatry and in general sin. It leads to their death, and of course, their losing the kingdom.

For Baasha, in particular, it is mentioned how the Lord raised him up to be king from the “dust.” But, like Jeroboam, who was a servant turned king, he didn’t acknowledge the great God and his lowly position. These kings reveled in their position instead of reveling in God.

The chapter ends introducing Ahab and his notorious wife, Jezebel. We will hear much more about them. Ahab was worse than those who came before, and his wife’s name has come to define a woman who usurps power that wasn’t hers to take.

In marrying her, Ahab added to his sin by marrying someone outside of Israel.