Attaining to Our Position

  1. First Chronicles twelve tells us how the mighty men of valor from all the different tribes all came together to make David king.
  2. When defectors from Saul come to him, he welcomes them with the warning that if they are there to betray him may God rebuke them. He doesn’t say that he’ll take matters into his own hands. He gives it to the Lord to figure out their motives and defend him and punish them.
  3. The Spirit clothes one of the defectors and he declares their loyalty.
  4. We are clothed with the Spirit. We are clothed in Christ; we are clothed in His righteousness.
  5. If you pictured yourself in a royal robe, how would you carry yourself? How would you behave?
  6. These might men of valor could take on a hundred men, or a thousand. It reminds me of Moses assigning leaders by the tens, fifties, hundreds, and thousands. We who will reign with Christ may be assigned such a position. What position will you have attained to?
  7. They got their rank by their loving devotion to their king, their fearlessness in taking a stand for Him, their humility in putting their king and their people above themselves. Maybe we will attain to our position in the same way.
  8. The people of Israel also had one mind and there was joy. I am thinking they were likely connected. It’s a lot easier to have joy when there is one mind over things. Disagreements are disagreeable. Have as your desire to be of the mind of Christ and to have one mind with your brothers and sisters who have set their desire to the same.
  9. There was another group mentioned that I wanted to point out. There were men who had understanding of the times. They knew what Israel ought to do.
  10. God has wise men (and women, in Christ there is no male or female). God reveals His thoughts to men.
  11. May we be quiet and still long enough to let Him speak that we may know the “what to do” and lead others wisely, so there may be joy and rejoicing among His people.