April 4

…because of his impudence he will rise and give him whatever he needs. For everyone who asks receives, … how much more will the heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!”

Luke 11:8, 10, 13 ESV

I thought I’d share my testimony of when I first spoke in tongues. It fits our verses today both in that the Father gives the Holy Spirit to those who ask and to keep asking and it will be given.

I grew up PCUSA. I gave my life to the Lord in Sunday school when I was ten. From that day, I have read the Bible daily. This is no chore to me!

While driving to drop me off at college, my mom told me she speaks in tongues. I had no idea. She told me about going into her closet at college to pray and asking God to recieve the Spirit like in Acts.

Well, from that day I set myself to asking. Every day that year I prayed, “Lord, teach me how to pray and let me speak in tongues.”

Every day, I prayed the same all school year and certainly grew in prayer as the Lord taught me. Before going home in the spring, I went to Intervarsity camp. The first night was a worship service. I was just singing a song when out it came in tongues.

My life changed. There is a very distinct before and after in my life from that moment.

My instant change was convictions, persecution, intercession, wisdom, the ability to turn anything into a spiritual lesson, and being used in ministry. I was already in official ministry. This was very different. The Lord just brought people to me that needed the gospel. I didn’t have to work at it or make anything happen. I guess you could call it the power to be a witness.