April 30

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

John 1:5 ESV

Let’s not look at the darkness in the world. The world has lived in darkness before. There are 1000 years literally called the Dark Ages. Noah’s time is described as everyone only thinking of violence, and even much of the history of God’s own people is about them turned away from God and toward self.

But what gift does darkness give us? Darkness has never put out light. It only makes the light brighter. Light is more glorious in darkness.

Praise God for the encroaching darkness. The church is a dim light and needs to shine the brilliant light of Christ. It will be in the darkness that Christ’s light will shine brightest to reveal Him to the world that they may be drawn to His light.

Yes, I expect greater darkness, trials, troubles, tribulations, persecution, and I praise God for it! For that will be the Church’s finest hour. The light of Christ will shine. God will be glorified, and the name of Jesus magnified.

And in the midst of the darkness, the light will grow with a great harvest, spreading the light that ALWAYS OVERCOMES DARKNESS.