April 21

I will not remove from him my steadfast love or be false to my faithfulness.

Psalm 89:33 ESV

Miracle stories are fun. We have a miracle wall at our house with over 35 of them posted and there are more than made the wall. But I thought I’d share a faith failure today. In our readings, including today’s, there has been a phrase used, breach of faith. It’s a breaking of faith.

There were only two times God let us get up against the wall like that with money, rent due the next day kind of thing. They were both that first year. God didn’t leave us living day to day like that. It was just while it was needed for our training. Anyway, the next time it happened, my husband said, “If we don’t get the rent money, I thought I’d ask the church for it.” I wrongly had in my heart that they owed us since my husband preached regularly for nothing, which was as it should be; the gospel is free. With our plan B in place, there was no need to hold fast to faith for God to provide. We ended up getting the rent money from the pastor, and I’ve felt badly about it ever since.

But God didn’t abandon His promises, remove His love, or ever act unfaithful. He used that day for our good, all part of our training in righteousness, and He continued to provide.