Appointed to Celebrate


In 1 Chronicles 15, we see that David has learned his lesson. They hadn’t consulted the Lord or His law before they brought the ark up. They used a cart. Who else used a cart? The Philistines! They were imitating the world.

Now, David is commanding them to follow the law. The Levites are carrying the ark as directed by the law of Moses. It even says that the Lord helped those carrying it.

God doesn’t assign a task and stand back and watch us struggle under its weight. He is our ever-present help. We aren’t left alone.

There were other jobs appointed for this procession of bringing up the ark of the Lord. There were many who were appointed to make loud music.

This sounds like a raucous. The command seems to be: make loud music. Are they choosing songs and all playing together or is it like my family’s “dance of joy,” and a wild free-for-all of praise and jumping around?

Some are maybe singing. Many are shouting. David is dancing. How many danced with him?

It was a celebration. Any celebration is a reminder to us of the goodness of God. Anytime you are gathered together in celebration, whether with ceremony or just around a table of good food, it’s a reminder that God is good.

May we celebrate His goodness day in and day out. May we learn to lift up our voices to Him with shouts and to lift our hands and maybe even kick up our heels to celebrate it.