An Unholy Alliance

  1. Good King Jehoshaphat made an unholy alliance with Ahab, the king of Israel.
  2. Maybe it was good to stop the fighting between them, but Jehoshaphat was rebuked for helping Ahab, an enemy of God.
  3. This alliance seems to have been sealed in some part through the marriage of Jehoshaphat’s son to Ahab’s daughter.
  4. We saw this turn bad for Solomon. It’s going to turn bad here as well.
  5. His son goes the way of Ahab instead of his father; his wife’s influence on him ended up being stronger than that of his father’s.
  6. I’ve said this before, but we have to be careful who we join ourselves to. We don’t need to remove ourselves from the world, but we need to be careful who we give influence in our lives.
  7. We want to be influenced by the Spirit, not by the world and its ways.
  8. The tragedy continues because Ahab’s daughter, now wife of the king of Judah, becomes the mother to the next king of Judah. She gets to speak into his life and also goes the way of Ahab, instead of that of his grandfather Jehoshaphat.
  9. All is not lost if you married an Ahab or were born into a family of Ahabs. God is bigger than any circumstance you find yourself in.
  10. He can redeem any seeming tragedy and turn it around for good. He can make beauty from ashes; He can bring life from death. He can use mud to restore sight. He can use whale vomit to get His prophet where he needs to be.
  11. We just choose Him. We choose His ways. We don’t decide how things should go or how they should get to that point. We don’t decide the means of our salvation. We just look to our Savior. Keep your eyes on Jesus and believe He can do marvelous things.