American Revolution Paintings

John Trumbull
The Death of General Mercer at the Battle of Princeton
ca. 1786-1831
Yale University Art Gallery

Thomas Sully
The Passage of the Delaware
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

John Blake White
General Marion Inviting a British Officer to Share His Meal
United States Senate

Asher Durand's painting of the capture of Andre is one of ten great American Revolution pantings.

Asher Durand
The Capture of Major André 
Birmingham Museum of Art

Peter Frederick Rothermel
Patrick Henry Before the House of Burgesses
Red Hill: The Patrick Henry National Memorial

William Tylee Ranney
Marion Crossing the Peede
Amon Carter Museum of American Art

Emanuel Leutze
Washington Crossing the Delaware
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Christian Schussele
Franklin Appearing before the Privy Council
ca. 1856
The Huntington Art Museum, Library, and Botanical Garden

Alonzo Chappel
Battle of Long Island
Brooklyn Historical Society

Photo: Museum of the American Revolution / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

Photo: U. S. Army Center of Military History / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

Photo: US Navy Naval History and Heritage Command / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain


The paintings not from Wikimedia were from this site.