A Servant Girl Saves Israel

  1. 2 Kings 5 is the story of Naaman. He is a leader in the Syrian army despite having leprosy. The Lord had shown him favor and given him victory, so he was held in high regard. God blessed him as a future child of God.
  2. On one of their raids into Israel, a girl is taken who is made to serve Naaman’s wife.
  3. The Israelite girl seems to think highly of Naaman as well. Instead of harboring bitterness toward her captor, she wishes for him to be healed. Her forgiving heart toward others will change the course of nations.
  4. She tells them of a prophet in Samaria that could heal him.
  5. Naaman comes to Elisha and is told to wash in the Jordan river seven times. This is the famous part of the story.
  6. Naaman is angry at the order. He had expected the prophet to act in a certain way. He wanted a show of power, not a simple order to obey.
  7. How many people in the church have gotten caught up in the show? They give the people what they expect: the loud music, the dynamic sermon, the tears, the pause, the props, the waving of the arms, the calling out words whether or not they are from God and are true and leading to righteousness. There are many who even fake healings to give people what they expect, what they want. How many of them are caught in it like a trap? How much humility it will take to get free. Instead of calling out names and pointing fingers at them, how about praying for deep humility so they can get free?
  8. Back to our story, Naaman believes that the only true God is the God of Israel and vows to only sacrifice to Him.
  9. Some would say this story ends there, with the girl being responsible for the new life of Naaman.
  10. But what if there were more? In the next chapter, we’ll read how they know about Elisha now and go after him. God is on Elisha’s side and that’s not going to happen.
  11. The end result we read in 2 Kings 6:23. “And the Syrians did not come again on raids into the land of Israel.”
  12. The girl was taken in a raid. She forgave and loved. The raids were stopped.
  13. That’s the power of love. She had no idea what she was doing. All she ever did was truly long for her master to be healed, she wanted the best for him. God took one pure desire and did the rest.