Language Arts 5:52

Day 52 – Subjects and Predicates

  1. Today you will be practicing subjects and predicates.
  2. The simple subject and predicate are often just one word.
    • The simple subject is the noun that the sentence is about.
    • The simple predicate is the verb that goes with the subject.
  3. Everything in a sentence is part of either the complete subject or the complete predicate.
    • The complete subject is everything the sentence is about. It’s the noun and everything that modifies it.
    • The complete predicate is everything else in the sentence.
    • Example
      • The big red, juicy apple sits on the counter.
        • Complete subject is “the big red, juicy apple.”
        • Compete predicate is “sits on the counter.”
        • Simple subject is “apple.”
        • Simple predicate is “sits.”
      • Example
        • The basket of apples on the counter is full.
          • Complete subject is “the basket of apples on the counter.”
          • Complete predicate is “is full.”
          • Simple subject is “basket.”
          • Simple predicate is “is.”