2022 History Alive Winners

We are closing EP Competitions. This is the last one we will be holding. 


First Place

Corban Thompson  –  James Armistead Lafayette

Second Place

Anna Skinner  –  C.S. Lewis

Third Place

Brody Bixler  –  Untold Stories of Real Danger

Caleb Skinner  –  An Aviator Beyond Explanation

Honorable Mention

Mariah Darragh  –  Interesting Interviews with DaVinci

Rosie Zam Suan  –  English Civil War

Alexxa Abreu  –  The von Trapp Family Singers

Hannah Freerksen  –  Laura Ingalls Wilder


First Place

Selah Freerksen  –  Clara Barton

Second Place

Lydia Zimmerman  –  The Flood of Noah’s Day

Third Place

Zoey Ingram  –  Harriet Tubman

Special Recognition

Jubilee Pryor  –  Mary Shelley

Glorianna Shrout, Elizabeth Shrout, Annalisa Shrout, Levi Shrout, & Lucilla Shrout  –  Amy Carmichael