Zhou Dynasty

Zhou Dynasty
1045 BC–256 BC
Western Zhou Civilization

Population concentration and boundaries of the Western Zhou Dynasty (1050–771 BC) in China
Capital Haojing, Luoyang
Common languages Chinese

Chinese folk religion, Hundred Schools of Thought
Government Monarchy
• Battle of Muye
1045 BC
• Disestablished
256 BC
• 273 BC
• 230 BC
Currency Cash (Chinese coin), Chinese coin

Preceded by

Succeeded by
Shang Dynasty
Qin Dynasty

The Zhou Dynasty defeated the Shang Dynasty using the mandate of heaven and said they where immortal at about 1046 BC, and came to power. They changed the capital from Henan to a place near present day Xi’an, near the Yellow River. The Zhou Dynasty also brought a new theory. This theory told the people that kings had the order of the gods to rule the country (mandate of heaven). Almost all dynasties of Chinese rulers continued to repeat this theory. The kings of this dynasty won many new areas. For the first time in the history of China, large number of persons also moved from one area to other area for settlement.