Who Is Jesus?

If we’re to follow Jesus, we need to know who it is we’re following. What do you know about Jesus? Who Is Jesus?

Jesus was God. Jesus is called the Son of God. An apple seed produces an apple tree. A monkey reproduces a monkey. God’s seed in Mary produced God. Jesus didn’t just have Mary DNA, otherwise He would have been a girl. He is the only “begotten” son of God, begotten, not made, from before the world was created, but He’s also born of Mary with God as His father.

Jesus was human. Jesus was born of a woman. He came in flesh. He chose to give up His throne to become a helpless baby and have His bottom wiped. I never thought about the bottom wiping until my father-in-law had to start changing His wife’s diapers. Jesus experienced the humility of that. He fully knew the human experience. His family lived as refugees. They were poor. He worked for a living. He understands our experience.

Jesus was Emmanuel, God with us. He was the visible image of the invisible God, so we could meet God and know what He was like.

What was Jesus like? What did His life tell us about God? He was loving and compassionate. He was kind and caring. He healed. He delivered the oppressed. He taught God’s ways. He was wise. He was patient. He wasn’t out for His own glory; He was humble. He did love His own life but gave up His life for our sake.

And Jesus wasn’t just WAS. He IS. He was and is and is to come. He is an eternal being! He is the living God. He is seated on the throne next to His Father in heaven. He lives to pray for us, interceding.