Update to My EP – June 2021

We have a new update to My EP. If you haven’t seen the video on the new features, here it is.

New Features

  1. See your assignment right on the student page. We’ve been testing this, but as you know, there are 180 lessons in each of many courses. Please let us know if anything comes up weird or unexpected. We’ve tried to think of everything, but we are human. 🙂
  2. All of the other links work just as normal. You can ALWAYS just click on the lesson link and go to the full course page. If it ever gets stuck loading your lesson, that’s there for you.
  3. Extras and Parent Add-Ons used to just be placed at the end of the student page. Now, they will appear on the Settings page.
    • This means they can be ordered along with the other courses for how you want them to appear on the student’s page.
    • They are marked with “Add-On” or “Extra,” so you’ll know where they came from and where to go if you want to remove or make a change to that course. For Parent Add-Ons, you’d go to the Parent Add-On page to make a change to the course. For Extras, you’d go to the Extras page to remove or make a change to that course.

We hope, as always, this makes things even easier peasier for you. If you don’t see the update, it’s a cache thing. You can just wait it out, close down and open everything fresh, or try clearing your cache. Things are cached in several places, so please be patient for it to appear if you aren’t seeing it yet.