Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Tyrannosaurus Rex lived in North America. It grew to be about 40 feet long (12 meters) and it’s thought to have weighed over 12,000 pounds (6,000 kilos). Take a look at these pictures. What do you notice?

Picture of TRex roaring. He has two fingers. He has three toes with an extra little one coming out the back. HE has sharp teeth and is standing on his legs. His arms are very short.


It had short arms, but powerful legs, tail, and jaw. It was a meat-eater, a carnivore and could eat other large animals. 

Similar to birds, they had holes, air sacs, in their bones to make them lighter. This is seen in the head of the T-Rex. It’s head was so huge that it had to be lighter to be able to hold it up. 

(pictures: public domain)