The Bill of Rights

Amendment 1
The First Amendment protects the freedoms of religion, speech, and press, and is generally considered the most important amendment.

Amendment 2
The Second Amendment guarantees Americans the right to keep and bear arms (guns).

Amendment 3
The Third Amendment prevents the government from forcing citizens to allow soldiers in their homes.

Amendment 4
The Fourth Amendment protects the privacy of American citizens. It forbids government agents from searching or taking in people or property without showing that it’s necessary.

Amendment 5
In the Fifth Amendment, all Americans are guaranteed the right to a fair and legal trial. No one can be forced to testify against himself.

Amendment 6
The Sixth Amendment says that you have the right to a “speedy” and public trial. It can’t be delayed forever, and it can’t happen in secret.

Amendment 7
The Seventh Amendment guarantees the right to a trial by jury.

Amendment 8
The Eighth Amendment forbids charging bail or fines that are excessively high and forbids cruel and unusual punishment.

Amendment 9
The Ninth Amendment says that Americans have other rights that are not listed in the Constitution.

Amendment 10
The Tenth Amendment says that the powers not given to the United States government by the Constitution belong to the states or to the people.

The tenth amendment is what allows education (and homeschooling) to be governed and determined at the state (not federal) level!