The Battle of Britain

WWII was different from WWI as it had a focus of fighting from the skies. You read about how planes plowed the way for tanks to roll into Poland. They were also used to make sea attacks easier. Navy boats were attacked by planes as well. Of course, planes were used to bomb other planes as well, especially if they could be destroyed on the ground to keep them from being useful.

a German aircraft

The Battle of Britain is a famous battle where Germany tried to destroy England’s Air Force.

Royal Air Force plane

This was in 1940 and the Germans made bomber attacks on British ships in the English Channel. They then sent bombers to attack British airfields, harbors where their fleets were kept, and factories where their planes were built. More than 500 pilots were killed and nearly 800 planes destroyed.

After several months of attacks, the battle ended with Britain striking back and causing severe damage to the Germans.

The Germans stopped those attacks and switched to bombing Britain’s cities.